Church Event Scheduling

Use this form to request an event date to be added to the master calendar.

Events need to be scheduled 30 days in advance.  Use this form to request a date to be added to the master calendar.  If there is a conflict on date or arrangements, you will be contacted.  When the event is approved and placed on the calendar, you will receive an email of the approval.

Event Information


  1. There will be NO main sanctuary sound:
  2. If you need sound, you will need to email to determine their availability and be willing to pay the following fee for a sound tech to be present during your event: $100 for up to 4 hours or $200 for over 4 hours, per day.
  3. No outside sound equipment is allowed to be brought in and/or used in the main sanctuary.
  4. You may use tables and chairs as needed. Extra chairs are located in back of the fellowship hall and extra tables are located in the storage room behind sound booth. 
  5. Use of tape or thumbtacks on painted walls is not permitted.
  6. If you are cleaning up after your event, please be sure of the following:
  • Collect trash and place in outside dumpster (bags are located in laundry room).
  • Put any used tables and chairs back.
  • If using balloons for a party, please be sure they are picked up.  If a helium balloon escapes to the ceiling and you cannot retrieve, please let someone know. (Helium balloons NOT ALLOWED in kid’s sanctuary)
  • Please check thermostats and lights before leaving (a/c to around 78 and heat to around 63).
  • Wipe surfaces.
  • Vacuum, sweep or mop areas. 
  • Cleaning items are located in the laundry room.

Please let the church office know if you have any questions. Email: